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Excalibur is arguably the most powerful sword ever made. This legendary blade was crafted by Merlin, one of the most powerful sorcerers on Third Earth. He made it for the wise and good King Arthur. Excalibur helped Arthur to defeat all his foes and maintain peace in his kingdom. Arthur then threw it to the Lady of the Lake, who guarded the sword for centuries, until such a time when King Arthur would need it again.

Just like the Sword of Omens and the Thunder-Cutter, (Excalibur appears to be a sentient blade which cannot be used for evil purposes).

Familiar with its legend, Mumm-Ra once disguised himself as King Arthur and took Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. Still in the guise of the wise king, Mumm-Ra challenged Lion-O to a duel and Excalibur ended up piercing the Eye of Thundera, destroying it and rendering all the ThunderCats completely powerless. Fortunately, Merlin arrived just in time to banish Mumm-Ra and restore the Eye of Thundera back.

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