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Eye of Thundera
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Eye of Thundera is the source of the ThunderCats' power. It is arguably the single most important item in the ThunderCats saga. The eye is designed like a cat's eye, consisting of a a spherical orb which has a cat's eye pupil in the center. It is embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Omens.

When not needed, the eye sleeps. In this form, the eye is a dark brown color with the pupil being yellow. Whenever the eye awakes, it changes to a glowing bright red color and the lit in the center becomes white. The eye also growls like a lion when it is awake. Eventually, when Lion-O utters the ThunderCats chant, the eye changes into the ThunderCats symbol.


The Eye of Thundera is considered to be the most powerful item in the ThunderCats universe. Some of its unique abilities include:

  • Summoning the ThunderCats when needed. Whenever Lion-O utters the ThunderCats chant, the eye emits a powerful beacon in the shape of the ThunderCats symbol which can be seen from miles away. This also causes the outfit insignias and eyes of the ThunderCats to glow.
  • Warning of Danger. The eye awakens and growls whenever any ThunderCat is in danger. This alerts Lion-O so that he can rescue his friends.
  • Sight Beyond Sight. The eye has the powers to show things which cannot be seen with the naked eye. It can show events occurring at far away places as well as events from the past. The eye can also show through a person's deception or disguise.
  • Healing and repairing abilities. The eye has the power to sometimes heal an injured or sick ThunderCat as it did when Tygra was severely weakened by the Keystone. It also is capable of repairing and restoring any damaged item that belongs to the ThunderCats. It once repaired the broken Chain of Loyalty as well as unmelt the New Cats Lair. The eye can also remove any sort of black magic, sorcery, or hypnotic spell from a ThunderCat.

Due to the phenomenal powers of the Eye of Thundera, Mumm-Ra is always struggling to obtain it. He even succeeded a number of times in getting it but because the eye cannot be used for evil purposes, he failed to utilize it for his evil plans.

Once, Mumm-Ra took on the disguise of King Arthur and used the legendary sword Excalibur to pierce the Eye of Thundera. This caused a catastrophic reaction and the ThunderCats symbol disappeared from the eye as well as from the outfits of all the ThunderCats. It also took away all of the ThunderCats strength, indicating that the eye is indeed the source of their power and sustenance.