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For the article about the 2011 version of this vehicle, see Feliner (2011).

Feliner was the first inter-stellar vehicle developed by the ThunderCats. As the ThunderCats continued to form alliances and friendship with beings from other planets, as well as the introduction of alien enemies, they needed a spacecraft that was capable of deep space travel. Thus Panthro began work on the Feliner. He managed to complete the entire craft but was missing only one component to make it work, the Hyper-Space Mega-Condenser. Fortunately, the ThunderCats were able to obtain this part from the wreck of the RatStar after it was destroyed in a battle with them.

The Feliner is the biggest vehicle owned by the ThunderCats. It was enough space to fit almost all of the ThunderCats comfortably. It has a cat-shaped cockpit and giant wings and legs which change positions depending on whether the Feliner is landing or flying. The Feliner is also capable of traveling at light speed, enabling it to reach very far planets and constellations.

With friends like Mandora who spend time patrolling the Grey Penal Planet and enemies like Captain Shiner who have their own powerful spaceships, the ThunderCats were desperately in need of an inter-stellar ship and the Feliner was the answer to their problem. And after the formation of New Thundera, the Feliner became invaluable as it was the only ship that could take the ThunderCats to and fro the new planet in order to search for pieces of the Treasure of Thundera.

The Feliner is such a powerful vehicle that it was able to carry the entire ThunderStrike on its back when the ThunderCats took it to settle permanently on New Thundera.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

029. Feliner - Part I
030. Feliner - Part II
035. Sword in a Hole
053. Good and Ugly
054. The Transfer
063. Mumm-Rana (episode)

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