Fire Rock Mountain
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Fire Rock Mountain is a location on Third Earth. It is a very dangerous area and consists of treacherous terrain. The whole region is full of sharp, jagged, rocky outcrops and thin rocky bridges and valleys. The deep canyons that dominate the area are filled with "Fire Rocks" which are also known as Thundrainium. These highly radioactive rocks are extremely lethal to the ThunderCats.

Because the Fire Rocks act as deterrents to the ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra once had Captain Shiner transport the three new Thunderians Bengali, Pumyra, and Lynx-O to Fire Rock Mountain so that they can be kept prisoner there without fear that the ThunderCats will try to rescue them.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

066. ThunderCats Ho! - Part II
067. ThunderCats Ho! - Part III
068. ThunderCats Ho! - Part IV
069. ThunderCats Ho! - Part V

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