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Origin Third Earth
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Fishmen are one of the many animal species that inhabit Third Earth.

These humanoid fishes used to live on their Oasis home, located somewhere in the middle of the Sand Sea. Then one fateful day, a giant beast known as the Ramlak drank all the water of their Oasis home, leaving them homeless and stranded. Enraged at the loss of his home, one of the Fishmen, Captain Koinelius Tunar, assembled a crew and set out to slay the beast in his floating ship.

When the ThunderCats get caught in a trap that the Fishmen had set for the Ramlak, they decide to eat the Cats but before they can fillet the felines, the Ramlak attacks their ship. Upon seeing Lion-O's bravery in driving off the Ramlak, Koinelius lets the ThunderCats become part of his crew as they pursue the Ramlak.

They ultimately locate the beast but Captain Tunar's obsession with revenge leads to the his death as well the near death of his entire crew. Lion-O however saves the Fishmen and slays the Ramlak, spilling all the water that the beast had drank on the sand, recreating the oasis for the surviving Fishmen.

During the battle of Avista, the Fishmen came to the aid of the ThunderCats and together they were able to defeat Mumm-Ra and his Lizard Army.

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