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The Fistpounder is a massive Mutant tank-like vehicle. The vehicle has two giant mechanical arms on its side which are controlled by the driver. They can be made to pound the ground either alternatively or together. The arms are massive in size and can easily pulverize rocks and enemy vehicles.

The Mutants first used the Fistpounder to attack the ThunderCats while they were on Hook Mountain. As Snowman and Snowmeow rescued Lion-O from a fall into the freezing snow, Monkian attacked them in the Fistpounder. The pounding action of the vehicle caused a massive avalanche on Hook Mountain which buried the Sword of Omens. Later on the Fistpounder went head to head with the ThunderTank before the RatStar interfered and damaged the tank.

The Mutants also used the Fistpounder to change the course of lava in order to free the Lunataks from their molten lava prison.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

067. ThunderCats Ho! - Part II
068. ThunderCats Ho! - Part III
069. ThunderCats Ho! - Part IV
070. ThunderCats Ho! - Part V
071. Mumm-Ra Lives! - Part I
071. Mumm-Ra Lives! - Part II

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