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Flicker is a tiny robotic insect that belongs to Jorma.

This tiny insectoid has a tiny rotor attached to its back which allows it to fly at very fast speeds. It helps to keep Jorma's Workshop free of scavengers and other robotic pests by blasting them with an intense electric pulse known as the "Gigaspark".

When the Necromechs steal the Book of Omens from the ThunderCats and flee, Flicker helps the Cats to locate the Book by following its electromagnetic signature, leading the ThunderCats straight to the Soul Sever.

Once inside the Soul Sever's Lair, comes to the aid of the ThunderCats after the Soul Sever has them strapped to a machine which extracts a person's soul and infuses it into various machinery parts. Unfortunately Flicker only manages to free Lion-O and partially break Panthro's restraints before the Soul Sever flicks him away, damaging him.

At that moment, Tygra, whose soul has inhabited a number of mechanical parts to form a robot, goes on a maniacal rampage, destroying the glass capsules holding the souls of the Soul Sever's family and absorbing them as well. When The Soul Sever mentions to Lion-O that the only way to stop the robotic Tygra is to deliver a powerful jolt straight into the Book of Omens. Flicker returns and does just that, firing his Gigaspark into the Book, freeing the souls from their mechanical body and sacrificing himself in the process. While Tygra's soul reenters his own body, the souls of the Soul Sever's family fly away much to his dismay.

Early on, the Soul Sever had described Flicker as merely wires, electronics, and programming with no soul. In the end when he holds the robotic insects supposedly dead body in his hands, he wonders how Flicker's programming did not prevent him from committing an act of self sacrifice. Lion-O remarks that it was something else, something greater that enabled Flicker to do so, hinting that it may have had a soul. As the ThunderCats leave with the Book of Omens, Flicker appears to come back to life, greatly piquing the interest of the Soul Sever.

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