Flying Furnace
Flying Furnace.jpg
User Char
Features Metal Detector, Forge, Electromagnet
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The Flying Furnace is the spaceship of the blacksmith Char. It also doubles as his forge where he works on the various metals that he salvages. When flying the ship always emits a lot of smoke, making it easy to spot.

The ship is equipped with all the equipment that a blacksmith and scrap metal collector would need. It has a very powerful metal detector that can detect various types of metals on the ground as it flies above. The Flying Furnace is also equipped with an electromagnet which can attract all kinds of metals, even non-magnetic ones. This electromagnet has a long flexible cable, allowing it to reach far distances and pick up any metal that Char wants.

Inside the ship there is also a forge where Char does his metal work. In this forge he has repaired the Sword of Omens on two occasions after it was broken in two.

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