Flying Jet-Sleigh
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User Queen Tartara
Features Air and Land mode
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The Flying Jet-Sleigh is the main vehicle of Queen Tartara. It is shaped like a giant snow sleigh, complete with two ski blades on its bottom. It has a glass bubble as a cockpit and it capable of seating up to four people. The vehicle is powered by a jet propulsion engine at its back which allows it to travel at very high speeds in the air. It can also glide along land on its ski blades.

Queen Tartara rides in the Jet-Sleigh when she has to travel to any place form the Crystal Kingdom. She mostly leaves her palace in search for valuable items that she can amass. She is always accompanied by her loyal guards who also pilot the vehicle. They help to grab any valuables that the queen sets her eyes on such as the enchanting Arietta Bird.

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