Flying Machine
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User Vultureman
Features Flight, Weapons
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The Flying Machine is the main vehicle of Vultureman. The flying craft is shaped like a vulture, complete with a head, wings, a tail, and bird feet acting as landing gears. The craft itself is red in color with areas of grey. The Flying Machine is quite a big craft, capable of seating up to three Mutants. It is also armed with laser cannons which fire from under its wings and even from its mouth. The craft is able to fly like a normal plane and even hover by flapping its wings like a bird

While it is never actually shown in the series, it has always been assumed that Vultureman arrived from Plun-Darr on Third Earth in the Flying Machine. The craft is a valuable addition to the Mutants' arsenal as previously they only had the SkyCutters and NoseDiver.

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