Forbidden Ruins
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Location Third Earth
Inhabitants None
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The Forbidden Ruins is a location on Third Earth, near Thundera. It appears to be the remains of an old city and is full of dilapidated structures which have been eroded and covered partially in vegetation with age. There is an old legend on Thundera that any person who visits the ruins never returns again.

When they were still children, Lion-O and Tygra once visited the Forbidden Ruins. While crossing over an old log that lay over a deep, dry well, Tygra, in his playfulness and mischief, caused Lion-O to fall into the well. Tygra initially thought about running away but later on ran to fetch Claudus so that he could help to pull out Lion-O.

When they enter the Astral Plane as adults, Lion-O and Tygra are shown images of their time in the Forbidden Ruins. Realizing that Tygra was responsible for making him fall, Lion-O attacks Tygra and the two fight until he learns the truth that Tygra didn't abandon him and had run away to get help.

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