Forest of Giant Insects
Giant Beetle.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Giant Beetle, Mechanosect, Giant Caterpillar
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The Forest of Giant Insects is a woodland of Third Earth consisting of densely growing trees and vegatations. The forest is home to giant insects such as the Mechanosect, Giant Beetle, and Giant Caterpillar. The forest is a dangerous place, especially at night when the giant insects feed and even ThunderCats prefer to not venture into it.

When the Driller bored a hole from Acid Lake to the Cats Lair, the ThunderCats rushed to obtain Sponge Fog the only substance on Third Earth that can neutralize the powerful "Ultrasolvic Acid". Unfortunately, along the way back, they were ambushed by Rockmen and had to unwillingly take a detour through the Forest of Giant Insects where they encountered a number of dangers.

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