Forest of Magi Oar
Forest of Magi Oar 2011.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Viragor
Forest Spirits
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The Forest of Magi Oar is an ancient magical woodland located on Third Earth. This enchanted place is filled with magical beings like the Forest Spirits who inhabit the trees. Any type of magical or mystical power is amplified within the forest.

Since its creation, the forest has been under the protection of a giant sentient-bird known as Viragor. One day however, Zig and his Wood Forgers arrived in the forest, wanting to further their study of wood forging so that they may use it to protect all those in need. Viragor agreed to let them stay and further their mission.

However, Zig's lust for power was too great. After initially using only dead and fallen trees for his wood forging, he and his two partners, Gami and Nips started cutting down healthy living trees, denuding the forest at an alarming rate. Viragor tried to stop them but could not.

Eventually it was the ThunderCats who put a stop to the Wood Forgers, allowing Viragor to retake the guardianship of the forest and slowly return it back to its original state.

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