Forest of Mists
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Location Third Earth
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The Forest of Mists is one of the many woodland areas found on Third Earth. The forest is enveloped in a perpetual fog, hence its name. The mist is incredibly thick and makes any kind of travel within the forest almost impossible. The forest is located on the edge of DarkSide and the two are connected by a narrow cavern that is filled with sharp rocky projections.

Because DarkSide is partially covered by Fire Rock Mountain and the Thundrainium Pits, taking these routes to reach there is impossible for the ThunderCats who are weakened by the Thundrainium. The only way to reach DarkSide then left is going through the Forest of Mists.

Since visibility within the forest is nearly zero and the journey through the canyon is equally perilous, initially only Lynx-O was able to navigate the ThunderCats through to DarkSide. Relying on his senses and his Braille Board, Lynx-O was able to fly the ThunderStrike safely through the forest and the cavern. Later on, Panthro fitted most of the ThunderCats vehicles with powerful fog lamps which enabled others to reach DarkSide as well.

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