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The Forever Bag is a magical bag whose inside exists on the Astral Plane. Upon saying the magic word "Rankinbass" and jumping into it, this seemingly innocuous canvas sack becomes a portal that transports a person to different dimension.

The bag was originally owned by a great and powerful wizard until the king of thieves Mescobar stole it from him. The bag then changed hands over the course of many years, being stolen from one owner to the next until it was stolen by the kleptovoyant Tookit.Tookit uses it not only to store all the items that he has stolen, but he also hides his three companions Albo, Gusto and Jenyo in it.

After WilyKit and WilyKat learn that Tookit is forcing the three youngsters to steal valuable jewels for him, they conspire with them and set a trap for Tookit using a fake Forever Bag and getting the thief to confess his crimes in front of the Dog Constable who promptly arrests him.

The Wily twins then take the bag with them, using it mostly to store food and goodies. But when the ThunderCats are engaged in battle against Mumm-Ra on Avista, the Wily twins use the bag to carry the many allies and friends of the ThunderCats to Avista where they help the Cats to defeat Mumm-Ra.

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22. The Forever Bag

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