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Frog-Man is an evil anthropomorphic frog like creature that the ThunderCats encounter. An eternity ago, Frog-Man arrived on Thundera as his own home-world was drying up. As he had control over water, he tried to dominate Thundera by using this power. However, a young Jaga, armed with the Sword of Omens, imprisoned him in an underground lake.

Many centuries later when the ThunderCats relocated to New Thundera, WilyKit and WilyKat accidentally release Frog-Man while drilling for a well. Initially he pretends to be their friend but later on ties them up at the dangerous Churning Canyon. He continues to watch and relish as the New Cats Lair gets flooded with water.

Frog-Man always carries a bag of tricks with him which consists of Flower Pellets. Just like the ThunderKittens' Trick Pellets, these Flower Pellets have different properties. While one can turn into a "Plant Handcuff" to bind the hands of victims, another can explode like grenades. Frog-Man can also change the color of his skin like a chameleon.

Eventually, Lion-O harnesses the power of the water spires of the Eastern Sea and uses it to suck up all the water around Cats Lair as well as sucking up Frog-Man with it.

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