Thundercats Wiki

A number of games and puzzles were made based on the ThunderCats cartoon series. The characters and their adventures were incorporated into various activity toys for young children.

Jigsaw Puzzles[]

A number of companies produced ThunderCats jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles ranged from 50 pieces to over a 100 pieces and often depicted a scene from the cartoons. There were also some jigsaws which were made from a completely different and original illustration.

Hestair Puzzles[]

Sliding Puzzles[]

Rainbow Toys made four ThunderCats sliding puzzles. Each puzzle featured the image of one of the main characters.

3D Puzzles[]

Apart from the action figures, vehicles and playsets, LJN Toys also produced the following ThunderCats 3D Puzzles.

Board Game[]

The very popular game company Milton Bradley, which launched the board game industry in the U.S.A. also produced a ThunderCats Board Game.

Spinning Wheel Game[]

Peter Pan Playthings produced the ThunderCats spinning wheel game which involved matching body parts of different ThunderCats characters.

3D Colorforms[]

The 3 colorform playset allowed the player to place the various colorforms on a background and view them with the included 3D glasses.