Garden of Delights
Garden of Delights2.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Silky, Giant Worm
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Garden of Delights is an illusory place located deep underground on Third Earth. The garden is a false paradise conjured by Mumm-Ra as part of his elaborate plan to obtain the Eye of Thundera. A number of beautiful flowers, animals and insects appear in the garden and Mumm-Ra himself appears as well in the guise of a talking plant known as "Silky".

Mumm-Ra uses a series of mini earthquakes and a Giant Worm to lead Tygra towards the Garden. Once there, as Silky, Mumm-Ra offers Tygra a drugged fruit which makes Tygra hallucinate and experience feelings of euphoria. He becomes so addicted to the fruit that he does not even notice when Mumm-Ra changes back to his true form, and continues to call him "Silky".

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