Gauntlet of Omens
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For the article about the 1980's version of this weapon, see Claw Shield.

Gauntlet of Omens is a metal glove that acts as defensive shield as well as a scabbard for the Sword of Omens. Just like the sword, it remains in possession of the Lord of the ThunderCats.

When not in use, the Gauntlet remains attached to the waist of the Lord of the ThunderCats' outfit, carrying inside it the Sword of Omens. The Gauntlet is worn on the left hand while the right hand wields the sword. On its own, the Gauntlet serves as a shield to deflect enemy fire. Its claws are capable of shooting out like harpoons in order to attach to objects as well as assist in climbing steep obstacles.

However when the Tech Stone is inserted into cavity on the Gauntlet, the metal glove gains phenomenal power. In this charged state, it is able to form the mighty Armor of Omens around its owner, protecting him from even the most powerful enemy fire and granting him immense strength.

Centuries ago, Mumm-Ra, wanting to attain control over the entire universe, consulted the Ancient Spirits of Evil to help him achieve ultimate power. Under their orders, Mumm-Ra destroyed the Star of Plun-Darr and its remains were then forged into the Sword of Plun-Darr by a Blacksmith possessed by the Ancient Spirits themselves.

Upon seeing Mumm-Ra's ruthlessness and insatiable lust for power, his two most trusted commanders, Leo and Panthera decided to stop him. They gathered the debris left from the forging of the Sword of Plun-Darr and employed the same Blacksmith to forge them another sword and gauntlet, thus the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet of Omens was born. Embedding the War Stones into the Sword and the Gauntlet, Leo was able to defeat Mumm-Ra.

The Gauntlet was passed down from one Lord of the ThunderCats to the next, beginning with Leo, then Claudus and finally Lion-O.

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