Geyser of Life
Geyser of Life.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Winged Water Snakes
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The Geyser of Life is a body of water on Third Earth, located a short distance away from the Cave of Time. The waters in the geyser have special magical properties. They are able to reverse the aging process and make a person young again. However, the waters are guarded by a fierce swarm of Winged Water Snakes who restrict access to the geyser.

Once when Tygra unknowingly entered the Cave of Time and aged rapidly, Willa suggested that the only way to cure Tygra's condition was for him to bathe in the waters of the Geyser of Life. The other ThunderCats managed to distract the Winged Water Snakes for long enough to allow Tygra to enter the water and regain his normal age.

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