Giant Bellows
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The Giant Bellows is a massive contraption with a huge compressable air bag and hose that allows it blow out large and powerful puffs of air. They are located on the distant planetoid Exile Isle

The Giant Bellows were most likely constructed by salvage pirates known as "shipwreckers" who used to live on Exile Isle many years ago. They would use the bellows to blow dust from a dormant volcano and cover the entire planet in it. This fog, which they referred to as "Devil's Fog" would completely hide the planet from any approaching ship and cause it to crash on Exile Isle. They could then steal and salvage at leisure.

After being banished on Exile Isle by the ThunderCats, the Lunataks teamed up with Captain Cracker and used the Giant Bellows in a similar manner to cause the Zlam Queen Space Tanker to crash onto the planetoid. Since the crash had already shifted the planet out of its orbit, Cracker then used the crashed ship's rockets to propel the entire planet towards Third Earth. Fortunately, Lion-O was able to foil his plans by utilizing the same Giant Bellows.

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