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For the article about the 2011 version of this character, see Giantors (2011).

Giantors are colossal beings with great strength but seemingly little intelligence. They live on the mountaintops where Trollberry Bushes grow, the leaves of which are the only food source for the Trollogs. Using their fearsome strength to bully other creatures, the Giantors make the Trollogs do their bidding and raid the Berbil Village for the tasty Berbil Fruit for them. Only in return for the Berbil Fruit do the Giantors give the Trollogs the Trollberry leaves.

During one such raid on the Berbil Village, Lion-O drives away the Trollogs empty-handed, an action that infuriates the Giantors and make them attack the village themselves. But with the help of the other ThunderCats, Lion-O is able to defeat the Giantors and send them fleeing.

Later on Tygra encounters another Giantor when he falls into a pit that was laid out a as trap for him. Thanks to his agility, invisibility and his trusty Bolo Whip, the striped ThunderCat is able to make short work of the Giantor.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

03. Berbils
47. Divide and Conquer

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