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Gold is one of the elements found naturally on Third Earth. It is an nonreactive metal that occurs naturally as ores found deep underground. It isn't as hard o heavy as Thundrillium and also has a low melting point. While it has a glistening appearance when purified, it is chemically inert and hence Panthro refers to it as "junk". Cheetara on the other hand loves its appearance.

When Lion-O retrieved the Thundrillium Meteor that had crashed on Hook Mountain, it was contaminated with a number of impurities including Gold. Panthro was able to smelt the meteor and extract pure Thundrillium from it, discarding the gold by throwing it in the Bottomless Chasm.

Gold is also the main source of power of the evil being Enflamer. Whenever he uses his powers, his energy gets drained and the only way to replenish that is for him to bathe in molten Gold.

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