Golden Oar
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The Golden Oar is one of the four artifacts that were used by the ThunderCats to prevent New Thundera from self-destructing, and to return the planet to its former glory.

The oar is one of two that belonged to the Sacred Barge on old Thundera. The barge once floated on a beautiful lake, but after the destruction of Thundera and the reformation of New Thundera. the lake was transformed into the hideous Baleful Swamp.

Following the instructions of the Guardian of the Book of Omens, Bengali and Snarfer took the Golden Oar in the HoverCat to the Baleful Swamp. However, when the island that they landed on turned out to be a Giant Snapping Turtle, the commotion caused the HoverCat to sink into the swamp. Fortunately the two ThunderCats were able to return the Golden Oar to the swamp at the 24th hour, transforming the entire swamp back into a beautiful lake and the turtle to change into a serene island. This transformation also resulted in the appearance of the Sacred Barge, to which the oar originally belonged.

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