Golden Sphere of Seti
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The Golden Sphere of Seti is a powerful orb made entirely of Gold. About the size of a large soccer ball, the sphere has the ability to give its possessor incredible power. However, whoever touches it is overcome by greed and evil.

Three Thunderian Ages ago, Mumm-Ra had the sphere in his possession. It increased his powers and abilities four times. He even grew in size four times. The incredible power that the sphere bestowed upon him was greater than that given by the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

Many years later, the ThunderKittens found the Golden Sphere of Seti on New Thundera. They immediately became possessed with greed, not wanting to share the sphere with anyone. At that time, Char was passing above in his Flying Furnace and he grabbed the sphere from the ThunderKittens. Like them, his mind became filled with greed upon touching the sphere.

Mumm-Ra wanting to regain the sphere, made the Flying Furnace crash and he grabbed the golden orb. The ThunderCats tried to stop him but the power of the sphere was too great. Mumm-Ra used it to trap the Cats in an energy field and broke the Sword of Omens in two. He then took the sphere with him but the Ancient Spirits of Evil refused to let him keep it. Knowing very well that Mumm-Ra would abandon them once he possessed the sphere. They gave Mumm-Ra a choice, either enter his pyramid or remain outside with the sphere. Helpless, Mumm-Ra had no choice but to relinquish the sphere that he desired so much and crawl back inside his pyramid.

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