Gray Penal Planet
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Inhabitants Grey Prison Planet Guards, Burnout, Plutar, Captain Cracker, Quick-Pick, Captain Cracker's Robotic Crew, See-Thru, Rhinosauran, Scrape
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Grey Prison Planet a.k.a Grey Penal Planet is a massive space station-like planet. It is hemispherical in shape. Located far away in space, this planet serves as a prison for holding some of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals. The planet is controlled by the Interplanetary Control Force. The prisons are guarded by the Grey Prison Planet Guards who make sure that the prisoners are properly secured and that no outsider enters the planet without proper authorization. Mandora is one of the officers responsible for the prison planet and any criminal that she apprehends is incarcerated in the Grey Prison Planet]].

Once when Captain Cracker kidnapped Mandora, he and his robotic crew forcefully took control of the Grey Prison Planet, releasing all the prisoners from their cells. Fortunately, Lion-O and Quick-Pick were able to undo the damage and return the convicts back to their cells and rescue Mandora as well.

Authorities[edit | edit source]

Prisoners[edit | edit source]

The following are characters who have at one time or another been inmates on the Grey Prison Planet.

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