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For the article about the 2011 version of this character, see Grune (2011).

Grune (a.k.a. Grune the Destroyer) is an anthropomorphic saber-toothed tiger. He was once a Thundercat. He and Jaga were once close friends and allies, but greed and the hunger for power overtook Grune, and he led a group of marauders and waged a war with the ThunderCats. It was in that war when Jaga faced Grune in hand to hand combat. The two fought, and Jaga was the stronger one. He banished Grune from Thundera in what appeared to be a crystal-like container.

Grune found his way to Third Earth and wreaked havoc and despair. It is unknown how long ago this took place on Third Earth as the two Bolkins recited the story, saying it was centuries ago; it is possible that their concept of time is different from that of the ThunderCats (or humans). When Grune died, there was a magical symbol placed on his tomb which prevented him from escaping. When two foolish Bolkins, Hurrick and Bundun, broke the symbol, however, Grune was freed. He swore vengeance on the ThunderCats and Jaga.

He wandered to Fire Rock Mountain to gather what Third Earthlings called "Fire Rocks", which were in reality Thundrainium. He used the Thundranium to forge his Spiked Mace (how he managed to do this when Thundranium affects all Thunderians was never explained). Grune attacked the Cats Lair. The ThunderCats tried to use the Sword of Omens to figure out who he was, but the sword showed nothing. It was this episode that first showed Cheetara using her gift of sixth sense, and she was able to retell his history.

Since the ThunderCats could not fight a ghost, they needed the help of another ghost, Jaga - which was what Grune had wanted the whole time, a rematch. They fought again, but the Thundranium Mace drained the strength of Jaga, weakening him and turning the battle against him. However, as he was losing, Lion-O gave Jaga the Sword of Omens, and then his own strength, allowing Jaga to defeat Grune once again.


Grune is a fierce and skilled warrior. In hand to hand combat he is very adept and able to use any weapon that he can get his hands on. He also has the strength and agility of a ThunderCat. Since his death, his spirit form grants him even more strength and the ability to materialize and dematerialize as he pleases as well as turn invisible.

Despite being a ThunderCat and hailing from Thundera, Grune is seemingly invincible to Thundrainium, a substance which severely weakens all ThunderCats, including the spirit of Jaga. This gives Grune an added advantage.


Grune's weakness is his greed and insatiable lust for power. Driven by these vile ambitions, he fails to think things through and lets his emotions get the better of him. This makes him predictable.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Grune wields a Spiked Mace which he himself forged out of Thundrainium. This makes it an effective and deadly weapon to use against the ThunderCats. Grune has also been known to use a sword, as seen in ThunderCats Ho! - Part V during his fight with Jaga.


011. The Ghost Warrior
070. ThunderCats Ho! - Part V
112. Return to Thundera - Part II

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