Hard Hero Lion-O Statue
HH Lion-O
Company Hard Hero Enterprises
Year 2009
Sculptor Paul Bennett
Size 6" x 6" x 14"
Material Cold cast porcelain
Art Director Rob Potts
Painted by David Fisher
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ThunderCats Bullet Point Official blurbEdit

"ThunderCats was one of most popular afternoon animated programs of the 1980s, with its cast of feline adventurers from the stars, making their home on a post-apocalyptic Earth ruled by the malevolent Mumm-Ra. The leader of the ThunderCats, the magisterial Lion-O, is brought to life as a dynamic statue from Hard Hero. The first in their line of ThunderCats statues, Lion-O stands ready to do battle, presenting an imposing 1:7 scale, 14" figure that will intimidate with just a glance".

ThunderCats Bullet Point Product descriptionEdit

This is the first ThunderCats statue made by Hard Hero. It was based on the 1980s ThunderCats cartoon version of Lion-O and was revealed at the 2009 Comic Con. Lion-O’s action pose is taken from the opening sequence of the ThunderCats cartoon showing the Lord of the ThunderCats standing atop a rocky outcrop with the Sword of Omens held powerfully in his hands.

Made from cold cast porcelain, the statue stands over a foot tall. Careful attention has been paid to every fine detail and even Lion-O's skin has been sculpted with subtle fur.

ThunderCats Bullet Point GalleryEdit

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