Hidden Spring
Hidden Spring 2011.jpg
Location Third Earth
Features Caracara Tree
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Hidden Spring is a location on Third Earth where the only Caracara Tree in existence grows. Apart from the tree, a few other plants with red colored blooms grow sparsely in this otherwise rocky and barren area.

The Caracara Tree is a grey colored, mushroom shaped tree whose leaves have strange and at times unpredictable properties. The Wollo Ponzi uses these leaves to distil his Miracle Elixir potions which he sells to people, claiming that it can cure all of their ailments.

After the ThunderCats discover that the elixir is the only thing that can disable the evil Sycorax, they travel with Ponzi to the Hidden Spring so that he can make more of the elixir. Unfortunately, Ponzi's caterpillar Lucy eats all of the leaves that the Cats plucked from the Caracara Tree, leaving them with no weapon to use against the Sycorax when it attacks.

However, Lucy then metamorphosizes into a giant butterfly and because her body is infused with the power of the Caracara leaves, she is able to defeat the Sycorax.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

23. Recipe for Disaster

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