Hyper-Space Mega-Condenser
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The Hyper-Space Mega-Condenser is a component that is necessary for some vehicles. The part enables a vehicle to engage in interstellar travel which would otherwise be impossible. Ratar-O's ship the RatStar was equipped with the Mega Condenser. This enabled it to travel long distances in space easily. Later on when the ThunderCats built the Feliner, they needed the Mega Condenser to make it operational. They found it among the wreckage of the RatStar but Mumm-Ra arrived and grabbed it. After a brief battle, Lion-O was able to regain the Mega Condenser. Panthro then fitted it into the Feliner and the craft was able to make interstellar voyages.

Later on, the RatStar was shown to be flying into space as well. While no explanation was given for this, it is most likely that Ratar-O and the other Mutants, especially Vultureman, were able to build another Mega Condenser for their ship.

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