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The Ice King is giant being who is accidentally released after being trapped in ice for centuries on Hook Mountain. Fearsome in appearance, the Ice King cannot talk but can understand other people. He only communicates via nodding and grunts and growls. The Ice King also has command over ice, water, wind and other elements and can control them to his will and use them as a weapon. As soon as he thaws out, he heads for the Castle of the Snowmen and wreaks havoc there. The Snowman and Snowmeow enlist the help of the ThunderCats to stop the behemoth from causing further damage.

Initially the ThunderCats and the Snowman think of the Ice King as being evil and they fight with him. Later on they learn that the King is merely looking for a mystical egg that his hidden in the dungeons below the Castle of the Snowmen and which contains the spirit of his queen. The ThunderCats then help the Ice King to obtain the egg and he melts away and his spirit enters the egg as well, joining his queen.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

052. Secret of the Ice King

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