Interplanetary Control Force
Interplanetary Control Force
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The Interplanetary Control Force is a group that is entrusted with maintaining law and order in the galaxy. The group consists of highly specialized individuals with various duties. It consists mainly of law enforcers, prison guards and ecological inspectors. Each member of the group is provided with weapons and or modes of transportation.

One of its most prominent members is Mandora who holds the rank of "Evil Chaser First Class" with the force. Her job is to apprehend dangerous criminals and lawbreakers and imprison them in the Grey Prison Planet. The Grey Prison Planet Guards are also members of the force. They are ensured with protecting the prison and watching over the inmates.

Another of the force's well known member is the Ecology Inspector. He is entrusted with traveling from planet to planet to make sure that the air, water, and land of the planets are clean and free from pollution. He also arrests poachers and those who purposely destroy the environment.

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