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Origin Third Earth
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Voiced by Corey Burton
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Jorma is a dog who is a master mechanic as well as a collector of all kinds of rejected technological equipment.

Initially living in the slums of Thundera where he owns a small black market store, Jorma makes a living by selling various mechanical odds and ends. One of his clients happens to be Lion-O, who is the only member of the Cats believes in the existence of technology and is fascinated with it. He regularly buys various items from Jorma and the last one of those happens to be an Explosive Device which he uses against the Lizard Mechs that the Lizard Army use to attack Thundera.

After the fall of Thundera, Jorma fled to the City of Dogs where he runs a workshop just a few miles outside of the city. It is here where the ThunderCats run into Jorma and learn from him about various machinery falling from the sky, pointing the ThunderCats to the location of the Tech Stone.

However, before the ThunderCats can set a course for the stone's location, a horde of cyborgs steal the Book of Omens as well as tear apart the ThunderTank in search for machinery and parts. These cyborgs prove to be more than a handful for the ThunderCats who fail to stop them from fleeing with the Book of Omens.

Jorma comes to the Cats' aid again. He presents his robotic insect Flicker who has the ability to track the Book of Omens' electromagnetic signature, leading the ThunderCats straight to the Soul Sever.

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