Katsuhito Akiyama
Katsuhito Akiyama.jpg
Role animator
Country Japan
Born January 29, 1950 (Hokkaidō Prefecture)
Other Works Beast King GoLion, Gall Force, Last Exile
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Katsuhito Akiyama is a Japanese animator, director and screenwriter who worked at the Japanese animation company known as "Pacific Animation Corporation (PAC)", which was headed by Masaki Iizuka

Akiyama started working in the animation field in the 1980s. He worked on a number of a Japanese animated cartoons with various animation companies. In the mid 1980s, he joined the newly formed PAC, which handled almost all of the animation duties of the various Rankin/Bass cartoons.

Among the Rankin/Bass productions that Akiyama worked on was ThunderCats.

After ThunderCats wrapped up, Akiyama continued to work on a number of Japanese animated shows.

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  • He often works with Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma.

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