Kenneth E. Vose
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Role Writer
Country U.S.A.
Other Works SilverHawks, Peter Pan and the Pirates
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Kenneth E. Vose is an American writer, editor, producer and director, who wrote one episode of ThunderCats and one episode of SilverHawks.

He wrote for the Rankin/Bass animated shows ThunderCats, SilverHawks and The Comic Strip in the mid 1980s before deciding to become a full time author, penning a number of novels. In addition to his novels and non-fiction books, he has written for Provincetown Arts, International Auto Style & Sport, Millimeter, Super Car & Classics, Accent, Forum, and Cigar Aficionado.

In 2002, Vose collaborated with author Jordan Rhodes to write the theatrical play about Ernest Hemingway, titled "PAPA: The Man, The Myth, The Legend". This play was subsequently turned in a film in the year 2010 and ended up receiving the "Best Historical Drama" award at the New York International Independent Film Festival.

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  • Vose is a member of The Mystery Writers of America, The Author's Guild, and The Dramatists Guild of America.
  • The titles of both the episodes that he wrote for ThunderCats and SilverHawks start with "Eye of".

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057. Eye of the Beholder

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