LJN Tuska Warrior
LJN Tuska Warrior Series 2
Company LJN Toys
Year 1986 (Series 2)

1987 (Series 3)

Features Battle-Matic Action, 5 points of articulation
Accessories Rifle Gun
Size 6"
Asst. # 3545 (Series 2)
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Tuska Warrior was one of the first ThunderCats action figures produced in the second series of ThunderCats toys by LJN Toys. The figure was based on the original 1980s cartoon version of Tuskas. Standing a solid 6 inches tall, the Tuska Warrior figure had action features as well as poseable arms, legs and head, thanks to 5 points of articulation. The figure also came equipped with a Rifle Gun


1. Battle-Matic Action: Like many of the LJN ThunderCats toys, the Tuska Warrior figure featured a lever on its back and pushing down this lever with the forefinger would make the figure's right arm move up and down.

2. Poseable limbs and head: The Tuska Warrior figure had 5 points of articulation, 2 at the shoulders, 2 at the hips and 1 at the neck. These points allowed the figure to be posed in a variety of action poses.

Battle-Matic Action
Battle-Matic Action


Rifle Gun: The Tuska's weapon of choice was a green and silver plastic gun which resembled a gattling gun. The gun was similar in design and size to the one that was supplied with the LJN Safari Joe figure.

Some of the early LJN catalogs, including the Dealer Catalogs, the gun that the Tuska Warrior is holding was colored black and silver. This particular gun was in fact included as an accessory with the "Rabban" figure from the "Dune" toyline which was also made by LJN but before the ThunderCats toyline. It is most likely that the green Rifle Gun of the Tuska Warrior was not yet ready when the figures were being photographed for the catalogs and hence it was substituted with Rabban's gun which was identical in design.

LJN Tuska Warrior Gun
Rifle Gun


1. Series 2: The second series Tuska Warrior was released in 1986. The area on the backing card behind the figure had a white splash. It came with the purple and black front LJN Mini Catalog.

2. Series 3: The third series Tuska Warrior was released in 1987. The area on the backing card behind the figure had a white splash. It came with the orange and yellow front LJN Mini Catalog.

LJN Tuska Warrior Series 2
Series 2 Card Back
Series 2 Tuska Warrior Series 2 Card Back Series 3 Tuska Warrior


Head Articulation and Eye Color: There are two known different variants of the Tuska Warrior. One version of the figure consisted of an immovable head while the other version had an articulated head which could be turned sideways (the two tusks on the head prevented the head from being able to be turned all the way around). The movable head variant's eyes also had very thick, bright orange painted irises.

LJN Tuska Warrior Variations
Tuska Warrior Variants

Foreign Variations and ReleasesEdit


LJN Tuska Warrior Loose Front
LJN Tuska Warrior Loose Back
Tuska Warrior Loose
Tuska Warrior Loose
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