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Leah is a young Thunderian girl. She has brown hair and the markings on her face resemble those of Cheetara. She along with her parents and many other Thunderian Refugees, fled their doomed home planet of Thundera just before it exploded. After the reformation of New Thundera, the group tried to return back but a freak meteor shower hit and destroyed their spaceships. Leah and her parents as well as the refugees had to eject in individual escape pods.

Leah's pod arrived first on New Thundera and landed in the Jungles of Darkness. Before the ThunderCats could reach her, Mumm-Ra arrived first, pretending to be a noble wizard of New Thundera. He then gave Leah a Magical Doll which was actually the evil Mirror Wraith in disguise. He told her to keep it a secret from the ThunderCats.

Through Leah, the Mirror Wraith entered New Cats Lair and wreaked havoc there. Eventually, Leah told the ThunderCats everything and she and Snarf were able to defeat the Mirror Wraith by covering all the mirrors inside New Cats Lair using fire extinguishers.

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