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Leisure Concepts Inc.
Leisure Concepts Inc logo.png
Country America
Years Active 1970 - present
Industry Licensing
Headquarters New York
Licensed Properties ThunderCats, SilverHawks

Leisure Concepts Inc. (LCI) is an American company that licensed the Rankin/Bass animated series ThunderCats and SilverHawks as well as their merchandise.

LCI was formed in 1970 by Mike Germakian and Stan Weston. Germakian served as the secretary of Leisure Concepts, while Weston acted as the President and later the Chairman of Leisure Concepts. LCI handled licenses of such popular titles as "Star Wars" and Nintendo's "Legend of Zelda".

During the mid 1980s, Ted Wolf came up with the idea of a race of cat-like humanoid superheroes. He shared his vision with his friend Stan Weston, who in turn, through LCI, pitched it to Rankin/Bass. Both Arthur Rankin Jr and Jules Bass were impressed with the idea and the potential that it had of becoming an instant success. They approved of it and "ThunderCats" went into production.

During the early development stage, Germakian designed much of the ThunderCats' characters, vehicles and locations. He was also responsible for creating the now iconic ThunderCats logo, featuring a stylized black panther head on a red circle.

LCI underwent through many changes over the years and is currently known as 4Licensing Corporation. It licenses a wide variety of media related products, including video games, TV programs and toys. Many of its licenses come from dubs of Japanese anime, including "Fighting Foodons", and "Shaman King", while others are Western animations or properties like "Chaotic" or "Back to the Future: The Animated Series".