Lie Translator
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The Lie Translator is a pocket-sized device that belongs to the ThunderCats. It is capable of recording what a person says and then play what that person is actually thinking in his or her voice. The device can thus "translate" a person's lies into what their real thoughts are.

When Lion-O went to Exile Isle in order to save Snarfer from the clutches of the Lunataks and the notorious robotic pirate Captain Cracker, he chose to leave the Sword of Omens behind on Third Earth. Instead he took a few other items to combat the Lunataks and the Lie Translator was one of them. He used it on Alluro, who was shocked to hear his true intentions played out by the device in his own voice. This prevented him from using his mind control on Lion-O and the young lord was able to defeat him easily.

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