Lizard Cruiser
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User Lizards
Features Land and air travel,
advanced weaponry
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Lizard Cruisers are the main mode of transportation used by the Lizard Army under Mumm-Ra's command. Slithe also rides it most of the time and when the two new generals Addicus and Kaynar join the army, they too use the cruisers to get around.

These green colored vehicles can travel equally well on both land and in the air. On land, they travel like a hovercraft, floating a few inches off the ground. In the air, they behave like jet planes with great maneuverability. When on land, the Lizards often stand on top of the cruiser while one sits inside and pilots it.

The Lizard army use the cruisers to patrol areas as well as transport captives and in warfare as well. They are equipped with an array of guns and cannons.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

14. New Alliances
15. Trials of Lion-O, Part 1
26. What Lies Above, Part 2

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