Locket of Lies
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Locket of Lies is a trinket that was created by Mumm-Ra to lure the ThunderCats into a trap. Conjuring it from his cauldron, Mumm-Ra gave the locket to Ma-Mutt who buried it on the Valley of the Snarfs. It was discovered by Snarf Oswald and Snarf Eggbert who took it to the ThunderCats, thinking that it may be part of the Treasure of Thundera.

When opened, the locket acts like a compass and the ThunderCats followed it right into Mumm-Ra's trap, an underground chamber with special walls that would close in everytime the Cats tried to escape. It was only with the help of the Eye of Thundera in the Sword of Omens that Lion-O and his friends were able to escape from certain doom.

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