Lynxana is a character in the 1980's Marvel Star Thundercats comics. She only showed up for three U.S. comics and later a few times in the U.K. Thundercats comics.


Lynxana was once a ThunderCat herself. When a position of nobility opened up within her tribe, she thought she would get it because she was the eldest offspring. When the time to announce the new leader, instead of her name being called, it was her younger brother. She grew angry because she felt betrayed because they picked her brother because he was male. According to the comic "For in those days, males were more deserving of power." Lynxana then gathered her friends and loyal followers in an armed rebellion to take the power she felt she deserved, but she failed. Then she was brought before Claudus, Lion-O's father who exiled her to deep space. In the years that followed, she fought numerous villains and other creatures just to survive, then she found a way to make a living with those skills she learned by being a ThunderCat at one time, to become the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Then in time, the Mutants would put out a bounty for the Thundercats. The reward was rather large and nobody had the courage or motivation to collect it until they contacted Lynxana. She agreed to the challenge. One by one, Lynxana successfully caught all of the ThunderCats. When she finally faced Lion-O, the two were a stalemate, neither one could get the advantage. When Lynxana said she is glad old Jaga would witness Lion-O's fall, Lion-O grew suspicious that Lynxana could see Jaga. He used the Sword of Omens to see what was going on. It turned out that it was Mumm-Ra in disguise. When Lynxana saw how evil Mumm-Ra was and how the Mutants serve him, she then regretted capturing the ThunderCats, feeling nobody should fall to a monster like that. When Lion-O fought Mumm-Ra, she helped Lion-O. With a change of heart, Lynxana helped Lion-O free the Thundercats from Castle Plundarr and helped Lion-O free Jaga, who was being held captive by Mumm-Ra. During Jaga's escape, Lynxana saved Cheetara's life. When all was said and done and the ThunderCats back at Cats' Lair, the Thundercats offered to make Lynxana a ThunderCat again. But she declined because she said she had to deal with a lot of emotions and a lot of the past. She did remain an ally to the ThunderCats.

In one of the U.K. issues, the Wily Kit and Wily Kat were captured by the Neitherwitch and rescued by Lynxana.