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The Magic Belt of the Ancients is a powerful belt that was owned by Luna's grandmother, Queen Luna during the ancient days of Third Earth. This golden belt gave its wearer immense magical powers. With the belt, Queen Luna was able to enslave the Wollos and the Berbils and made them work in the Thundrillium Mines.

Queen Luna's reign of terror was ended by Mumm-Rana, the sorceress of good. Mumm-Rana was powerful enough to stand up to Queen Luna and strip the belt away from her. Without the belt, Queen Luna shrunk back to her midget form. She was then banished by Mumm-Rana to the Third Moon of Plun-Darr. Mumm-Rana then took the belt with her and became its guardian.

Many years later when Luna learned of the Magic Belt, she and Amok forcefully took it from Mumm-Rana. The belt gave Luna the same fearsome powers that her grandmother had. Even the ThunderCats struggled against her. Eventually it was Mumm-Rana who was able to separate the belt from Luna. The belt fell near Amok and, upset with the contemptuous way in which Luna treated him when she had the belt, he throws it into a deep canyon.

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