Main Control Room
Control Room
Location Cats Lair
Inhabitants ThunderCats
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The Control Room is one of the rooms within the ThunderCats' fortress, the Cats Lair. Located on the sixth floor, the Control Room is the main are of operations as it houses most of the electronic equipment and controls of the entire lair.

The room consists of a large screen located on one side. Below it is the main control panel with operates most the of the lair's functions including the lair's hear, the drawbridge and the mighty paws. There is one seat in front of the panels and it is usually occupied by Panthro, who is generally in charge of the daily operations.

Apart from the main control panel, there are three movable Sub-control panels. Each of these consists of a small monitor, controls and a seat. The ThunderCats can control many of the vital functions of the lair from these smaller panels.

The top of the room is open, revealing a variety of complicated machines hanging. There is even a moving lift which allows a person to examine the machines in case a fault develops in them.

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