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Origin Third Earth
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Mama is the unnamed mother of WilyKit and WilyKat and wife of Papa.

The quintessential homemaker, Mama is an extremely devoted and loving mother who takes care of all household chores as well as raising her four children while her husband works hard at the farm. Despite all his efforts, Papa was unable to provide well for his family and they often had very little to eat during the dry season. Papa worked hard daily, planting and harvesting giant carrot-like vegetables, and never taking a day off, leaving Mama to handle all the household duties.

One day during a picnic at their farm, an massive twister appeared, forcing the family to seek refuge in the underground shelter. As Mama and her two younger children entered the shelter, the violent storm felled a giant tree right in the path of Papa and the Wily twins. As the trio climbed over it, Papa was slowed down and eventually killed when he was sucked up by the powerful twister.

Later the responsibility of providing for the family fell on the delicate shoulders of Mama, who had to work even harder to feed her four children. Even though she did her best, Mama could only manage to earn very little and oftentimes had to go hungry herself so that her children could eat.

Despite the hard times that had befallen them, Mama remained the wonderful mother that she always was, showering her children with love. Even when the Wily twins offered to help her by working on the farm, she refused, feeling that they were still young and should enjoy their childhood. Every night she would sing her children a soothing lullaby to put them to sleep.

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