Mask of Gorgon
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The Mask of Gorgon is an ancient mask with terrible powers. The gigantic mask is made of silver and is very heavy. The mask was entrusted to the Warrior Maidens for safekeeping. They mounted it on the bark of the oldest and mightiest tree in their Treetop Kingdom known as Shemlock. They made sure to embed it facing West, away from the Hills of Elfshima. The Mask has the ability to turn anyone it lays eyes on to stone.

When Ma-Mutt accidentally uncovered the ancient Book of Norvag Naj, Mumm-Ra learned from it the incantation to bring the Child of Gorgon to life, whose sleeping form makes up the Hills of Elfshima. Using the Sword of Omens, Mumm-Ra gave the Mask of Gorgon the power of "Sight Beyond Sight" and thus awakened the sleeping Child of Gorgon. The Mask was eventually destroyed when it fell following a huge tremor caused by the falling of the Child of Gorgon.

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