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Merlin was an ancient wizard who lived during medieval times. He is often considered to be the most powerful sorcerer that ever lived. He is an old man with a long flowing white beard.

Many centuries ago when darkness and evil reigned on Third Earth, Merlin placed the legendary sword Excalibur in a stone and proclaimed that whoever manages to pull out the sword will be the king. Many men tried but failed, until a young Arthur came and successfully pulled the sword from the stone, thus was born the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur.

When Mumm-Ra falsely obtained Excalibur by disguising himself as King Arthur, he used it to destroy the Eye of Thundera thus greatly weakening the ThunderCats who all collapsed. Fortunately, Merlin appeared and restored the Eye of Thundera as well as banishing Mumm-Ra back to his Black Pyramid.

Merlin then presented Excalibur to Lion-O but he instead chose that it be returned back to the Lady of the Lake.

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