Origin Third Earth
Group Micrits
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Voiced by Bob McFadden
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The Micrits are a race of tiny humanoids living in the vicinity near the Cats Lair. They stand no more than an inch tall and tend to inhabit grassy terrain on the edge of forests. Micrits live in an agrarian society and reside in tiny huts made from bark and straw. It is not known what their primary crop is, but they likely cultivate mushrooms and small berries.

Micrit technology is of the simple and practical type that would be found in such farming cultures, with fire likely to be their most advanced form of energy manipulation. However, they employ a web-thin fiber known as Glow Strands, composed in part of thundranium. These strands are remarkably strong and the Micrits have the ability to telekinetically control them, entwining them around objects at distance or causing them to release. It is also a noteworthy property of the Glow Strands that the Sword of Omens cannot cut them.

The Micrits had a brief altercation with the ThunderCats who unknowingly trampled their villages on several occasions. However a treaty was reached wherein the ThunderCats would mark off the Micrits' territory and not cross the boundaries uninvited.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

048. The Micrits

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