Mirror of Truth
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Mirror of Truth is one of the pieces of the Treasure of Thundera. The mirror itself has a gold frame with the ThunderCats insignia on its back. As its name implies, the mirror has the ability to show the truth. The mirror eliminates any kind of disguise or illusion and reveals a person's true identity.

Along with the other pieces of the Treasure of Thundera, the mirror was also lost on New Thundera. In order to locate it, Mumm-Ra devised a clever scheme in which he first turned the adult ThunderCats into ThunderCubs. Then, disguising himself as Lion-O, Mumm-Ra ordered the ThunderCub Cheetara to use her sixth sense to locate the mirror. When the real Lion-O arrives, he tells the ThunderCubs to look into the Mirror of Truth and it shows them their adult forms as well as revealing Mumm-Ra's true identity.

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