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Molemen are one of the many native species that live on Third Earth. Short of stature and timid by nature, these anthropomorphic moles live in underground tunnels which they dig themselves.

For a while, the Molemen were under tyrannical rule of the wicked Molemaster, a slightly taller and more humanoid mole. He forced the meek Molemen to dig relentlessly in the Mines of the Molemen in order to find gold for him. He carried a big whip with which he enforced his dictatorial rule on the Molemen.

Tygra encountered the Molemen when he fell underground through a huge fissure just outside Cats Lair that formed as a result of unexplained earthquakes. The Molemen were terrified of the quakes and ensured Tygra that they were not the ones responsible for them.

While searching for the Time Capsule, Tygra ended up in the Mines of the Molemen and taught the Molemaster a good lesson, sending him fleeing. The "freed" Molemen didn't appear to understand that they were no longer under the Molemaster's rule and just continued burrowing.

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